Grassroots Action Network Tasmania (GRANT) is a community group based in lutruwita/Tasmania that aims to empower and excite individuals to build a brighter future for all. Based on the key principles of  caring for the earth, the people and communities that we engage with, this leads us to taking collective action against the systems not serving us and the issues they create, while simultaneously building the beautiful, sustainable and fulfilling systems we want to see replace the ones we are challenging. 

We believe personal transformation of individuals, challenging dominant institutional/systemic issues and building alternative systems are all equally important. Our community endeavors to support and empower any collective non-violent action that aims to further social and environmental justice.

As a collective of everyday people from around nipaluna/Hobart and lutruwita/Tasmania we are students, disability support workers, hospitality workers, gardeners, teachers aids, dancers, artists, scientists, uninversity lecturers, admin workers, and lovers of most things community-led and community-empowering!