GRANT liberates food from Coles and Woolworths dumpsters and distributes to Hobart community

Member of the GRANT community have spent less than a week salvaging food and other items from Woolworths and Coles dumpsters, to liberate all of the food and household items that they have (for years) been discarding.

GRANT then put these items out on display at a Woolworths in nipaluna to show the community, during a cost of living crisis, just how much is being thrown out, and just how little the duopoly really cares.

Back-to-school items, underwear, electronics, toilet paper, soap, nappies, sunscreen + more, in addition to copious amounts of fresh produce and pantry goods!
This is happening all over the country, and the world, and will continue to happen under a capitalist system where they know they can still profit and write these items off as a tax offset.

There was even a jar of peanut butter that a customer donated to Woolworths, that was put in the bin…

Much of this fresh produce is sent to pig farms to eat, which is used as greenwashing technique to say they are taking part in organic recycling, when it is still very much edible for human consumption. When you then find pork and ham in the bin, there is a clear wasteful cycle going on week after week…

Remember, if you see someone stealing from the duopoly, no you didn’t.